About Tea Ceremonies

Since early teenager, I have been dreaming about my own cozy teahouse. Over the years I forgot about this dream and life took over.

When 2012 arrived, everything changed within one minute and amongst other things I accidently dive into the world of tea. Fell in love with it and still am.

Tea has been my utmost teacher to meet with my true self, helping me to remain in balance, bringing so many new friends and opening a new journey, the way of tea.

I have been serving tea weekly all around since 2013. Honouring the Leaf as such a humble and smart medicine have brought me to deeper understanding why and who I am in this planet of ours. And sharing tea with others is just one of the ways one could be in service for Mama Earth and share love bowl by bowl as they say in Global Tea Hut, where teacher Wu De with all the teawayfarers is building up the biggest tea community in the world!

I'm holding space for:

* meditative tea ceremonies 


* informative tea ceremonies for groups in Tallinn or anywhere You choose, always interested in travelling to new places inside and outside of Estonia.

Best size for the group would be about 12 people, bigger groups need to be specified first. With assistant I'm able to serve 45 people at once.

The tea ceremony usually takes around 2 hours.

For information about weekly tea gatherings please join our Instagram: www.instagram.com/kuu.ruum

For private and group sessions, questions regarding prices and details feel free to contact: kuuruum@gmail.com