The Story

I have been living at the seaside all my life. Picking driftwood since I was a little girl. Long walks on the seashore after the storms have always been close to my heart as long as I remember. Although a skinny girl, I dragged home enormous driftwood pieces from the sea, hung them on the walls and scattered them in the garden….some laughed and didn't understand, but my granny (Nana, as I call her) always smiled warmly and encouraged me...she still holds many of those sea-woods at her place.... : )

So after searching myself and discovering the tea tradition I realized it is time to remember where I was most happy…and I connected tea ceremony and my childhood. This is how KUU RUUM (Moon Room in English) was born.

All inspired by the sea and tea.

Now offering tea ceremonies, retreats, yoga classes and creating sacred adornments and jewelry as ceremonial streetwear to support Your growth.

I'd love for my designs to reach people who dance through life by the likeminded beat and take them as companions, manifesting tools and healers on this journey of ours!

And most importantly: trying to live my life by doing more things with sacred intention.